Cash Questions for Gaming Industry

When will the redesigned $100 note be available in ATMs in Las Vegas and in other gaming environments?

Once it is issued, any commercial bank around the world that orders $100 notes from the Federal Reserve will have its order filled with the new design. Distance, demand for currency, and the policy of individual banks will be the deciding factors in how quickly redesigned $100 notes reach the public, both in the United States and in international markets. We encourage you to learn about the note’s security features before it is introduced into circulation.

I frequently handle cash and want to check the $100 note quickly but discreetly.  What do you suggest?

The 3-D Security Ribbon (a blue ribbon on the front of the $100 note with images of bells and 100s) and the Bell in the Inkwell (a color-shifting bell inside a copper inkwell on the front of the note) offer a quick and discreet way to check the authenticity of the note. Both of these features can be used by simply tilting the note slightly. Visit our interactive note for information on how to use these and other features in the new $100 note.

I frequently use counterfeit pens to check the authenticity of notes; will the pens work with the new $100 note?

Counterfeit detector pens do not detect all counterfeits. We encourage U.S. currency users to check the note’s security features to verify authenticity. It only takes a few seconds to check the features on the new $100 note to be assured that the note you have is real.

I work in a low light area where it is very difficult to check the authenticity of notes.  What do you suggest I look for in the new $100 note?

The security thread on the new $100 note, located in the paper to the left of the portrait of Benjamin Franklin, offers a feature that is particularly helpful to authenticate the note in low-light environments. If you have a source of ultraviolet (UV) light near your work space, you can illuminate the $100 note with a UV light and the security thread will glow pink.

A security thread can also be found on the redesigned $5, $10, $20 and $50 notes. Learn where to find the security thread on each denomination and what color each denomination’s security thread will glow when illuminated by UV light.

I would like to prepare my employees for the introduction of the new $100 note. What are the best materials to use for employee training?

The Multinote Booklet shows security features for the $5, $10, $20 and $50 notes, in addition to the new $100 note. The Brochure and Poster Combination is suitable for hanging in employee break rooms and locker rooms, so they can easily study at their own pace. For group training, many employers rely on the Training CD-ROM and the Training Video, which include animation that provides an up-close look at how the new $100 note’s security features work. Check out the complete collection of training materials and create your own “library” of materials that best meet your needs. You can download them from the website or order them in bulk for delivery directly to you, free of charge.

I have been in contact with the manufacturer of our cash-accepting equipment to ask for the software updates necessary to accept the new $100 note, but they do not have it ready yet. What is the government doing to solve this?

The U.S. government works with the manufacturers of cash-handling equipment to ensure they have all the information they need to adjust equipment for the new $100 note. We have met with the manufacturers and provided test notes so they can prepare for the new design. However, each manufacturer develops its own proprietary firmware or equipment, and so it is their responsibility to provide the necessary adjustments to their customers. While the BEP provides test notes six to eight months before the note’s day of issue, the schedule for updates by each vendor is different. We encourage you to keep in touch with your vendor on a regular basis until your update is complete.

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