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The New $100 Note. Know Its Features. Know It's Real.

Cash Questions for Banknote Equipment Manufacturers

How can my company get test decks of the note to ensure we are developing the right software and hardware to accept the new $100 notes?

If you currently work for a BEP-approved BEM, contact Mr. Anthony Hoyer at the Bureau of Engraving and Printing by email or phone at 1-202-874-2268. If your company is not currently an approved vendor, please review our application procedure.

I would like to include funding to update our machines in my future business plans. Does the BEP know when the next notes are going to be released?

A final decision has not been made on which note will be redesigned after the $100 note. Currency redesign is a continuous and on-going process for the U.S. government, and we are always looking for new and better ways to protect our currency from counterfeiting. Currency redesign, along with public education and effective law enforcement, are the cornerstones of protecting and maintaining confidence in U.S. currency.

However, we understand how important it is for BEMs to plan ahead and we will continue to work closely with your industry to alert you of any upcoming redesign decisions as they are made.

$100 Note Crop - Image