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The New $100 Note. Know Its Features. Know It's Real.

Educational Games & Resources

The U.S. government has developed the following educational tools to enhance the public's knowledge of redesigned U.S. currency.

A variety of informative games and classroom materials, including an interactive quiz, lesson plans and bookmarks, are available for download.

Design Your Own Bill

Design Your Own Bill - ImageDesign Your Bill

An educational way to introduce children to U.S. currency by allowing them to design their own bills.

How To Play

To get started, click the button provided. Please note that the Design Your Own Bill feature requires the free
Adobe Flash Player TM.

Using the sliders provided, select from various denominations, seals, portraits and other details. Then use your mouse to color in your bill by clicking and dropping colors into the desired area on
the note.

After you are finished, you can print the bill, send it to a friend or create another picture.

Classroom Education Materials

Classroom education materials about the redesigned currency have been developed that meet or exceed national education standards.

Visit Youth Education Materials to Download to access resources that are available free of charge to parents, teachers and students.

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$100 Note Crop - Image