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The New $100 Note. Know Its Features. Know It's Real.

Youth Education

The U.S. government has created a variety of youth education materials that are free of charge and can be downloaded.

$5 Note Educational Bookmarks

Education Bookmarks - ImageDownload these bookmarks as an educational tool for children to learn about the features of the redesigned $5 note.
Printing Guidelines: Each educational bookmark has a front and a back. To print out both sides, download and print the front of the bookmarks (PDF) first and then turn the paper over to print the back of the bookmarks (PDF). Follow the guidelines on the paper for cutting. Card-stock paper is recommended.

$5 Note Lesson Plan

Lesson plans about the redesigned $5 note and President Abraham Lincoln developed for middle school students by economic education specialists at the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis.
This lesson meets National Standards in history and economics.

Interactive CD-ROM

Interactive CD-ROM - Image(Windows Version) (zip file) - Instructions for Download
(Mac Version) - Instructions for Download - Educational activities related to the history, security features and production of the redesigned currency. Join Agents Cash and Banks on a fun and exciting tour through the Bureau of Engraving and Printing.

Alternate version with no audio (zip file) - Instructions for Download - In order to bring the CD-ROM experience to those visitors using assistive technologies, as well as users who wish to experience the CD-ROM without audio, we have provided an alternate version of the tour, complete with text of the audio. 

Download $20 Note Youth Educational Poster (PDF) 

$50 Note Lesson Plan

$50 Bill Lesson Plan - ImageA lesson plan designed to teach students about the features of the redesigned $50 note. The plan offers educators the opportunity to teach U.S. history, economics and language arts at the National Standard level. In section three of the lesson, students are asked to write an essay about a person, monument, symbol or scene they would like to include on their ideal redesigned currency. Download

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$100 Note Crop - Image