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The New $100 Note. Know Its Features. Know It's Real.

Materials to Download

Foreign Language Materials To Download

A variety of free education and training materials are available for download in 23 different languages. Choose the language of materials you would like to download using the "Foreign-Language Materials to Download" selector to the right.

Materials to Download

  • $100 Brochure and Poster Combination - English

    $100 Brochure and Poster Combination - English
    This multi-purpose piece is primarily designed for employee education. Its unique design unfolds from a brochure into a poster that can be displayed for both employees and/or consumers.

  • Multinote Poster - English

    Multinote Poster - English
    This poster features the redesigned $100 note, and information on other redesigned U.S. currency. This piece is primarily designed for training and can be displayed for both employees and consumers.

  • Multinote Booklet - English

    Multinote Booklet - English
    This 12-page booklet contains detailed information about the redesign of the $100 note, as well as the other redesigned denominations ($5, $10, $20, and $50 notes). This piece is designed to show and describe in more detail the design and security features of redesigned denominations of U.S. currency so that cash handlers can easily check U.S. currency and know that it is genuine.

  • U.S. Currency Milestone Factsheet - English

    U.S. Currency Milestone Factsheet - English
    Explores the milestones of U.S. currency production since 1996.

  • $100 Education Resource Kit - English

    $100 Education Resource Kit - English
    This kit includes materials that are ready for duplication or publication in your organizations newsletter or on its Web site, to educate employees, customers or members of your organization. It includes a newsletter article, a quick reference guide, fact sheets and more.

  • $100 Note Training Presentation

    $100 Note Training Presentation
    This presentation is designed to use while training cash-handling employees on the $100 note's new and enhanced security features and also provides an overview of previous redesigned denominations, including the $10, $20, $50 and $5 notes. The presentation is also accompanied by a training script for easy reference.

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