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The New $100 Note. Know Its Features. Know It's Real.

Instructions for Download


Installers for the Youth Education CD-ROM:

Windows Installer Icon

Windows Zip File
Mac Installer Icon

Mac OS Installer

1. Choose Windows or Mac and click the appropriate link above.

2. You will see a window asking you to either open or save the file. Click on the "Open" button if you have that option, otherwise click "Save" and save it to your desktop.

3. While the file is downloading, you may see a window that tells you how much time remains for downloading the file.

4. For a fast internet connection (T1, DSL, Cable), the file will download in approximately one to two minutes. For modem users, the download will take anywhere from 1.5 to 4 hours, depending on the quality of your phone line.

5. After the file has completed downloading, it will open automatically, unless you saved it to your desktop. If you saved it there, go to your desktop. Mac-only: Locate the file named "Click to Launch" and double-click to unpack it. To begin the CD-ROM experience, go into the folder named 'New Color Of Money' and double-click the program named 'NewColorOfMoney'.

6. Windows users only: Once the file has been saved to your computer, you will need to "unzip" it before you can view the contents. Winzip is a free program that ships with most computers. It is probably already installed on your computer. If you cannot locate it, please click here to download (link opens in a new window). The program will be available here at no cost to you.

Windows users only: Unzip the file "" by double clicking the file.

7. Look for the file "Click to Launch.exe" and double-click it.

8. For Windows users, you should now see the following window on your screen. Follow the directions in the Setup Wizard to install "Interactive Money" onto your hard drive.

Windows Installer Wizard

9. After the installation is completed, you should find "BEP Interactive Money" under Program Files within the Start Menu. Click on " Youth Education CD-ROM" choice to start the program.

For optimum performance, we recommend closing all other programs while playing the youth Education CD-ROM.


$100 Note Crop - Image